Weee… Or should I say Wii?

First, I want to thank everyone for all the positive energy going in to tomorrow’s retrieval. I am really hopeful we can get lots of good mature eggs. Ideally, I’d love to get 24 but I don’t want to get my hopes too high or anything. I am just trying to will my body into getting as many as last time and to tell my hubby’s sperm to not have as many OI-affected swimmers. Ha. As if they will listen…

And second, I just had to share that we finally got our Wii! It was a random trip to Target last night of buying Barbies for my niece’s birthday and I thought I’d just see over in the games section.

There is was. Well, actually, there were like seven of them.

I should have waited to give it to my husband BEFORE the trigger shot though…

But the shot went fine. I swear, these are WAAY easier than the PIO shots, which we aren’t doing. My husband hated giving those to me. No bruising, not even really sore this morning.

Although, I am tired. I gave up at midnight playing. Bowling is fun. But I suck at tennis. I think it’s because I play in real life and have to get the hang of it. And avoid trying to do my two-handed backhand.

I’m just sad on bed rest I won’t really be able to play. Such is my sad lot. Ha. I guess I could play Mario Kart but nah…

Oh, and you have to name the machine. I named it Wee Wii. I think it’s hilarious. But it could just be me.

But thanks again for all the positive energy! Smooches.


17 Responses to “Weee… Or should I say Wii?”

  1. JJ Says:

    Ooo you must email me your Wii number=) Its so fun to have Mii’s and see other people in the crowd while you are bowling or playing baseball! Big fan of the wii 😉

    BEST of luck tomorrow!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    The tennis is really hard to get the hang of. You have to swing way before you would think.
    Also, there are plenty of games (old school and some new ones) that you can download directly onto your Wii! You don’t have to leave or house, or even your couch! This is my favorite option. 🙂
    I just started My Life As a King (downloadable only). No movement is required and I played it for like 6 hours the first night. Have fun!

  3. maria Says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m so excited for your retrieval!!

    Have fun with your Wee Wii! :0

  4. bleu Says:

    Wee Wii toooo funny.

    I have my ER Friday so we are really close.


  5. Super O Says:

    Wee wii wee all the way home! That’s what I’m thinking for your embies. Quality over quantity is my motto, though I know you need to have a certain number for your genetic testing. Go mature eggies!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I’m so jealous. We totally want a Wii. Jeramy is going to get one for his birthday from his dad, but that’s not until August.

    Good luck at the retrieval tomorrow. I’m sending lots of mature, high quality egg vibes!

  7. pj Says:

    I hope your retrieval goes well, and they get LOTS of great eggies!

  8. peesticksandstones Says:

    Good luck tomorrow! Thinking of you…

  9. nancy Says:

    I’m totally looking for the WII myself! 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow!!! yay!!!

  10. sara Says:

    Wishing you the best of luck on tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you and sending some good thoughts your way. Congrats on the wii…I love that you named it! I tried bowling at my friend’s house a few weekends ago, those games are addicting. I totally want one now, and may just have to make the splurge! Good luck tomorrow!

  11. Denise Says:

    Please, please tell me you got Guitar Hero for your Wii. If so, we need to have our next get together at your house for a Rock-out-a-thon!

  12. Penny Says:

    Wow, awesome! on the retrieval AND the Wii! Good luck!!

  13. Kymberli Says:

    We love our Wii! I almost killed myself boxing Frank the first night we had it. I’m pretty good at bowling. Our next purchase will be Mario Kart. Like Rebecca, we also have a lot of old school games downloaded. Flashback!

    I’m wishing you all the best for tomorrow’s retrieval, and even more for the development of lots of healthy embryos!

  14. Michell Says:

    Good luck tomorrow and in the coming days.

  15. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    good luck today ; )

  16. Kristen Says:

    I can’t wait to hear how it went and for the fert report! Hope you’re feeling okay! XOXO

  17. Road Blocks and Rollercoasters Says:

    I love our stupid Wii! It’s so sad, but I’m addicted to bowling. I dislike the other games except for boxing because I’m really good at knocking G out every time we play. It’s great fun!

    Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be thinking LOTS of positive thoughts for you!!! 🙂

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