Egg Count

Sorry for my delay in writing about this morning’s retrieval, I, apparently, was tired. I took a three-hour nap once we got home…

Anyway, we didn’t get as many as last time or as many as I wanted. I’m a little bummed. The whole point of downgrading the amount of meds was so I’d have more not less. Grr.

They got 15 (I know two less than before) but I really wanted a nice 20, just for the odds with our PGD. They were ICSIing the eggs with my hubby’s fresh sample this afternoon and I’m sure they will call with the fert report while at my brother’s graduation tomorrow.

Otherwise, everything went well. Aside from the fact yesterday I went to pick up my medrol and tetracycline prescriptions and there was birth control there for me, they gave the anethesiologist a wrong home number for us and I had to sign another consent form…

Oh, and Dr. G. not only retrieved my eggs but also will be transfering them Sunday. How crazy is that? Every single procedure has been with him! But he told me to buy a lotto ticket Friday night and get all my crazy luck with that. And if I win, I just have to bring breakfast Sunday for the clinic. I heart him so.

But thank you all for such positivity. I’m now sending “no OI” vibes to my hubby’s sperm at the palace. Maybe I should have done that while at home. Although, my husband probably would think that requires a hands-on coaxing.

EEk. And many good thoughts, love and hugs to those of you (Kymberli, Soulbliss) with retrievally fun this week.


15 Responses to “Egg Count”

  1. Denise Says:

    I wish they could have squeezed more eggs out of those ovaries for you. I guess they never know for sure how our bodies will respond to different protocols. I can’t believe Dr. G is doing both retrieval and transfer again this time! You have some damn good timing, my friend.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Sorry that you didn’t hit the 20 mark, but 15 is very good. I’m looking forward to a great fertilization report!

  3. pj Says:

    I hope you have great luck with those 15. I know it’s not what you hoped for, but it’s not too shabby.

    Yea, I was spoiled with Dr. Wonderful for MONTHS (my center is busy, but is most likely not as big as the palace). I didn’t really GET that the two doctors shared so much, until recently.

  4. Spicy Sister Says:

    What great luck to get Dr. G for BOTH! You go girl!!

    Ok – 15 is good, not what you hoped for, but still good – I am sending lots of “No OI” vibes to the the palace as well.

    So excited for you lady!!!!!

  5. bleu Says:

    Just keep chanting to yourself “quality not quantity” over and over. I keep trying to do that myself.

    Much much loving vibes your way.

  6. bestlight Says:

    Wishing for a series of green lights for you (except for the OI — red light to that).

  7. JJ Says:

    Been keeping you in my thoughts all day! Looking forward to a great fert report=)

  8. Kymberli Says:

    Thanks for the extra love, Jen. I’ll be gripping the cell phone tomorrow until I hear from the clinic and I’ll update on my blog just as soon as I do.

    I understand the disappointment of not having as many or more eggs as last time, so I’ll shift gears a bit and hope that you’ll have more non-OI, healthy embryos than you did last time. I’ll be watching for tomorrow’s fert report!

  9. Nancy Says:

    I’ve been looking in on you all day.

    And I’m wishing you all the luck for your fert report tomorrow.

    ~hugs~ a bajillion times over.

  10. modmillie Says:

    Fifteen is a nice number. I’m sorry it’s not as nice as you wanted but it is still very nice. Hoping for good fertilization and good pgd results.

  11. maryanne Says:

    Yahhhhh!!! Good report today!!!

  12. antigone Says:

    I’ll cross my fingers, arms, legs, and fallopian tubes for ya….

  13. HeidiM Says:

    I think 15 sounds great! Happy thoughts to your embies as they grow and divide!

  14. Beth Says:

    Congrats on a great retrieval!!!

  15. K Says:

    Too early for getting bummed. Maybe less eggs means better quality. You may ended up with more “no OI” embies at the end. I am crossing my fingers!

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