The embryo lab called on my way to graduation, so I’m only updating now…

Our of 15, they were able to ICSI 13 and 12 fertilized. For comparison, last time we had 17, 16 ICSIed and 15 fertilized.

So I’m feeling kinda bummed. My husband is trying to tell me not to worry and it will be ok, etc. By day 5 last time we lost two, so I’m hoping that is the case. No more. And that we have more unaffected embies.

So now I am going to cross my fingers, do a no OI dance and whatever else I can think of. Friday I will get the call on the number they can biopsy for DNA analysis and then Sunday will be transfer. Eek. Cross your fingers for us!


22 Responses to “Fertilization”

  1. Denise Says:

    Crossing everything crossable for you!

  2. Spicy Sister Says:

    hoping like crazy for you!!!

  3. Road Blocks and Rollercoasters Says:

    I’ve got EVERYTHING crossed for you!!! HUGS!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    If I had longer toes, I’d cross those for you too. Grow little eggs, grow! Hopefully there will be some very nice ones to transfer on Sunday.

  5. JJ Says:

    Im pretty confident that those are all GREAT quality embies=) Crossing all Ive got for you, Jen!

  6. peesticksandstones Says:

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Sounds like you’ve got a great number to work with. It still amazes me sometimes how this technology is available — as frustrating as it all can be, how worth it the outcome can very well make it.

    Wishing you all the best! My transfer is next Wednesday, so I’ll be just a few days behind you in 2ww craziness…

  7. Kristina Says:

    I’m hoping for 10 without OI and only 2 with.

  8. Kymberli Says:

    All of my crossables are double-crossed for you. Will you get the results of the PGD between Friday when they do the test and Sunday’s transfer?

  9. pj Says:

    Crossing stuff for ya too!

  10. She Likes Purple Says:

    Crossed! Keep us posted!

  11. modmillie Says:

    Holding thumbs for you (it’s what they do in South Africa for luck) since so many others are crossing various body parts.

    BTW you have a whole carton of embryos! I know it’s not as many as you’d hoped for but it’s still really positive.

  12. maryanne Says:

    That is plenty – awesome news!!!

  13. Pepper Says:

    Those are brilliant fert stats! Hang in there.

  14. Ms. J Says:

    Those are AWESOME numbers! Good growing ;o)

  15. apronstrings(christina) Says:

    what we want is quality not quanity. though, i feel for you. here’s to a good DNA report.
    hoping, hoping, hoping.

  16. Kristen Says:

    All crossables crossed here for you! I hope the DNA report gives you more hope! XOXO

  17. docgrumbles Says:

    Hoping for successful fertilization!

  18. Meg Says:

    I really hope you are feeling okay and that this is IT for you! Seriously, give the woman what she needs…

  19. Michell Says:

    Everything crossed and sending lots of luck, positive vibes and anything else I can think of for a great DNA report.

  20. Staci Says:

    Hoping for good news today!

  21. sara Says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a lot of unaffected embryos for you both. I’ll keep you and hubby and embryos in my thoughts. Gosh girl you’ve been through a lot and I really want this to work!

  22. HeidiM Says:

    Sounds like you’re on your way to success! Statistically, you should have at least one or two winners!

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