Day 3 Embie Report – Updated

I’ve been a little anxious today, waiting for the call from the embryologist about the status of our embryos.

I shouldn’t have worried, he told me, because like last time I make “beautiful” embryos. Oh, wait. It’s my husband because of his good sperm. That’s what he told me when I called him. Boys…

All 12 are fertilized and doing well. At this stage they like at least six cells. We have one six cell and 11 eight-celled embryos. And, to quote, “virtually everyone of them is great.” I didn’t ask for grading, etc., because it honestly doesn’t matter at this point. It’s now all about the PGD. I’m rooting for nine unaffected. I figure, why not be ambitious?

He had already removed a cell from each of the embryos and sent them off to RGI for analysis. Yay! Mind you, I am trying to get a real live person there to make sure they know they’re coming. I don’t trust CCRM as of late…

Now it’s just waiting. Waiting for the call about Sunday’s transfer time and hearing the PGD results.

Thanks again for all the support. It’s so wonderful knowing I have this community out there to support and hope along with us!

*Update 1*

I spoke with a genetic counselor at RGI – she was in contact with CCRM this morning. Phew. And because some of you were curious, this is how our PGD plays out. Either tonight or tomorrow morning our cells will arrive in Chicago.

These single cells will be amplified (grown is how I understand it) on Saturday and then the DNA will be examined to see if has the same mutation my husband does, which causes his OI. They only look at this single spot in the DNA strand, so I know nothing of gender, other chromosomes, etc. I know I asked my doctor to try and decipher the result sheet thingy RGI sent us. He said it was a lot of gobbledy gook to him too… We both though understood the words affected and unaffected. 

Sunday morning they will let CCRM know the results of the testing, after which time either CCRM or my genetic counselor at RGI will let us know the number of affected vs. unaffected. Likely, I will learn – like I did last time – sitting in stirrups what the outcome was. I am curious to see if the embryologist will call Saturday night. I know last time he did and we discussed two vs. three… Hmm… I’m still pushing for three but we’ll see if I win that argument…


10 Responses to “Day 3 Embie Report – Updated”

  1. Meg Says:

    This is great news Jen! I will be thinking of you Sunday!

  2. Road Blocks and Rollercoasters Says:

    Fantastic! So glad that things are progressing nicely! I will be continue keeping everything crossed until said PGD results are in. I’ll be praying for at least 9! HUGS! 🙂

  3. nancy Says:

    I’m so happy for you!!!! I’ll keep watching the progress.

    (also, could you email me? I want to know more about your ectopic. If that’s okay. as in – what were your numbers on betas, etc. When did they determine it was ectopic, etc)

  4. pj Says:

    Great progress! Gotta love science, to be able to determine all of that.

  5. Kymberli Says:

    It sounds like everything is going well so far! I hope and pray that you have mostly healthy, unaffected blasts for Sunday’s transfer. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. mrsyak Says:

    That is fascinating! I had no idea how PGD worked. I’ll send a shout out up for good numbers. Also, I think it’s really noble of y’all take the “hard way” and your spare future generations from OI.

  7. antigone Says:

    I hope you get good results back.

    Yeah, I’m told my husband has super sperm. It’s just me that’s broken.

  8. Pepper Says:

    Everything sounds awesome! May the trend continue. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy your Saturday off.

  9. modmillie Says:

    What a great report! Here’s to the good news continuing on and and on and on with you.

  10. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    yea! and my a$$vice is to transfer at most two. three is scary. unless you are wiling to SR.

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