‘There are your kiddos’

I am back in the land of the of the upright once more. Although, it’s only 10 a.m. and I am ready to go back to bed…

But you don’t care about my sleepy head.

Sunday morning we arrived at CCRM for our transfer. After getting settled, relaxing with the valium, John, the embryologist, came in to speak about the status of our embryos. All 12 were still growing on day 5, although one wasn’t looking good so it was out of the transfer game completely. Of our 11, 6 were affected, 5 weren’t. It’s the same split as last time. But it was reassuring to hear both Dr. G and John talk about how they knew we’d have good quality, etc.

I am still amazed though about the whole ICSI thing. They pick randomly (well it’s likely not randomly) which sperm to ICSI and manage to get the same affected/unaffected split. Weird huh?

Dr. G then said we had two “perfect” blasts, which meant I could only transfer those two. We had two additional ones that were good and another straggler, which they were going to wait to see if they develop further for freezing.

So they wheel in the ultrasound and I’ve filled my bladder perfectly. After three times I finally figured out that like 10 measly ounces gets me there and I won’t have to pee my pants. This is important stuff, right? Ha.

But then they bring in the big bad tv on which I can see our embryos for the first time. And that is when the ultrasound tech said, “There are your kiddos.”

It was amazing. Both my blasts were already hatching and ready to come home. At least that is what I am thinking.

During the hour-long wait, one of the nurses came in to explain restrictions, bed rest guidelines, etc. But she was wonderful. She spoke all about me being pregnant and what would happen, etc. I really loved and appreciated her positivity.

Bed rest was bed rest. Lying on my couch watching random DVRed programs and a random assortment of movies that included Nanny McPhee, Blades of Glory, The Last Mimzy and Last Vacation.

I also got word yesterday that two of our others were frozen! Yay.

So now it’s day 7. And I’m sooo impatient. And a little scatter-brained. It’s too early for really any symptoms but it hasn’t stopped me from looking at my naked body for veins (mind you, I can no longer count on my hip/pelvis ones from the blighted ovum, they never went away) or any other signs.

I’m crossing everything. Twice. Scratch that. Three times.


26 Responses to “‘There are your kiddos’”

  1. maryanne Says:

    YAHHHHHH!!! congrats!!! What great news!!!
    Get comfy little ones!!!

  2. Kymberli Says:

    All of my crossables are crossed three times over for you. We’re one day apart, and I think we’ll both be climing the walls trying NOT to obsess over phantom symptoms. Wait…is that some low pelvic cramping I feel and some lower back pressure? Hmm…it’s probably just an effect of bed rest. I hope “your kiddos” are snuggling in and getting cozy now!

  3. Spicy Sister Says:

    I am so hopeful for you Jen!!!! This is great great news! This HAS to be it!!!! 🙂

  4. bleu Says:

    Yay, congrats. lead the way to + cycle buddy!!!!!!!

  5. Jennifer Says:


  6. docgrumbles Says:

    Come on, kiddos!

  7. Bee Cee Says:

    Just caught up after beign away for a few days. So pleased you have 2 perfect ones on board…..lets just hope hope hope that these 2 make it to perfect kiddos. Take care of yourself.

  8. Meg Says:

    I really hope this is it for you Jen. I am thrilled you had such a wonderful nurse AND perfect embies! Hang in there, the “wait” is excruciating I know. Now stick both of you!

  9. Katie Says:

    Sounds like things went beautifully (including your two embies!!) Keeping my fingers crossed for you =)

  10. peesticksandstones Says:

    Fantastic news! You just got me excited about my own transfer tomorrow, too. Kinda wish I had the valium part with mine — though I guess I’ll have to make do with this new “Star” magazine I picked up with some star lady’s cellulitey butt on the cover (I thought it would make me feel better).

    Crossing everything I’ve got for you, sister!

  11. Duck Says:

    Congrats that sounds like it was such a fantastic experience, and to see those 2 perfect little ones… it must have been amazing. Glad the bed rest is over, good luck with the waiting.

  12. S Says:

    Congrats on the perfect little ones! Hoping this is the first of alot of positives for all of us this morning!!! 🙂

  13. JJ Says:

    Ive got all my crossables crossed! Glad you have 2 frozen ones as well! Oh, I really wish I could figure out the perfect amount to drink–maybe Ill give the 10 oz a shot–I have a tiny bladder!
    Lots of HOPE for you!

  14. pj Says:

    Hoping and wishing for you! 🙂

  15. Tracey Says:

    SO jealous and Praying SUPER hard for your success my friend!!!

  16. Pepper Says:

    I’m practically dizzy from crossing fingers, toes, and eyeballs over here! 😉 Congratulations!

  17. Erica Says:

    Well I’m crossing everything too for you!!! May this 2ww be super short and DOUBLY SUCCESSFUL!!

  18. antigone Says:

    I’ll cross for ya too.

  19. Michell Says:

    yay!!! I’ll cross everything for you too.

  20. Phoebe Says:

    Oh, that’s great news that your embies were hatching! Waiting is hard, but there are harder things. Good luck!

  21. Jennifer Says:

    Good luck! I am crossing my fingers for you. I am a 31 year old healthy female, in a similar situation- but about a year behind you in getting this going. My husband is 29 and has OI- we too have decided to do PDG and IVF to avoid passing the disease onto our children. We are both other wise healthy and have not tried the DIY option either. I haven’t spoken to anyone else trying this. We are now at the step of having the probes made. I am not sure what to expect- but hope in the next year we have made some progress. I try not to get my hopes up. If you have any advice for me I would appreciate it!

  22. Carrie Says:

    Day 7…getting closer to obsessing, oh wait I know you already are. LOL! It sounds like everything is looking great, and I hope you get a BFP very soon!

  23. Ms. J Says:

    Saying an extra prayer for you tonight. And glad those other two are ice for the future :o)

  24. sara Says:

    I’m glad you got to transfer and freeze some, that’s great news! Here’s to a quick next few days and some great news!

  25. MamaSoon Says:

    Hello! I just found your blog. Congrats on the transfer with some leftover to boot! I’ve heard great things about Dr. G. I am going to se Dr. S for a one day work up. Are you local or out of towner? I’m from Chitown. Anyhow. Sounds like you loved your experience. Please pop by my blog if you want to share any advice or personal experiences with either dr. good or bad. Or just to say hi! Isn’t getting off bedrest just heavenly (besides the progesterone backups and totally excitement that you’ll be seeing doublelines in a few days!. WOOO HOO!

  26. bleu Says:

    So do you so sticky thoughts right back at ya!!!!!!

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