Beta #2

So I FINALLY got the call and my second beta was 531.

Just shy of doubling, or a doubling time of 2.19 days. (So do I figure it based on the 282 doubling and 88.4 percent or the 531 out of a doubling target of 564 for 94 percent?)

I know this falls well within what they want to see either way (more than 66 percent). And the nurse was saying congrats and such. But I still have that seed of worry. Why you ask? Look at my FET (the bad blighted ovum result). I went from 61 to 114. A doubling time of 2.2 days. Freaky huh?

Or maybe that is just how my body works. It has been consistent.

Speaking of which, I still have slight spotting.

Like a drop here and there. And it still freaks me the fuck out. And C. wasn’t reassuring on the phone. She was WAY too chippy giddy for my serious question.

So if any of you have great nearly doubling HCG stories and spotting stories, I’d appreciate it.

And, hello. I’ve not gotten ANY estrogen or progesterone results. Hmm.

I’m just remembering to breathe.


17 Responses to “Beta #2”

  1. bleu Says:

    I just wanted to say yay. I think you should remember the doubling is in 24-36 hours, not the dreaded 24 like so many say.
    I am sending lots of love.

  2. docgrumbles Says:

    Just breathe. I hope it turns out well.

  3. Katrina Says:

    Just hang in there! and call if they don’t let you know soon…

  4. Duffy Says:

    Oh Jen….I can completely understand your tension over this. I can imagine it will be at least until your ultrasound before you are able to finally take a deep breath and rest. It might even take longer….at least it has for me. Sorry – that’s probably not super encouraging…doh! But I am just trying to say I think where you are at is so normal, especially for what you have been through. Know that all of us are holding hope and blessings in our hearts for you. I just believe deep deep down it will all be ok – but of course none of us can give you real reassurance. The waiting and the fear are so hard.

    I think you should call back and talk to your nurse again. Explain that you want all your results and that you need some reassurance here. She should understand, especially if she knows your story.

    Big hugs!

  5. Kymberli Says:

    Trust me – I totally get you on not being able to relax. That being said, your beta did a great rise and is already high at this point as it is. Since you asked for non-doubling beta w/good results stories, do you want me to copy and paste a few relevant beta results from my surrogacy message board for you?

    I think your results look fabulous. What’s next – a third beta or did they schedule your first u/s?

  6. 2weeks2much Says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and thinking only happy thoughts!!!

  7. Erica Says:

    I also was told 24-36 hours for doubling … sending hugs and good thoughts!

  8. Ms. J Says:

    My Ob/Gyn always said that he was more concerned with the number strongly rising, rather than a true doubling. I think you’re doing great, sweetie!

  9. millie Says:

    It’s actually supposed to double every 60 hours or so but that math is too hard so they say 48-72 hours. So it’s just perfect!

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Try not to worry too much. Okay, maybe that is impossible in the situation. But that is a very strong number. Are they running a 3rd beta? Hopefully that will help to ease your concerns.

  11. Bee Cee Says:

    Just keep breathing, in and out, in and out. Hopefully the next test will let you relax and dare I say even enjoy this!

  12. sara Says:

    I had a ton of spotting after my transfer and through my first few weeks. My number did double appropriately, but I was spotting. Of course I was freaking the whole time, but after awhile got so used to spotting that I got to feeling pretty Zen about things. And as you know, I’m still pregnant, after much spotting and bleeding. Not that it makes you feel better or gives you warm fuzzies, but try to not worry to much about the spotting, okay? My RE said that with IVF, or FET cycles the endometrium lining is always more friable (and therefore is more likely to bleed) in patients like us, than women who got pregnant the old fashioned way. I think this is why so many of us have spotting, even throughout the first trimester. Hope this helps and I am so excited you numbers are going up!

  13. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    Your numbers look great to me. They are well within the doubling range and are still going up significantly. As for the spotting, my sister spotted and bled throughout her entire first trimester. Sometimes it just happens. Hang in there and keep breathing. I’m praying hard for you!!! HUGS! 🙂

  14. Duck Says:

    keep breathing, this number is so much higher than the blighted ovum.

  15. Nancy Says:

    Hey, I didn’t get my progesterone or estrogen results today either. Strange.

    Yay on the numbers going up. Those numbers are well within reason. I know you’d rather see more than doubling, but let’s just be happy for the present and we’ll be able to sigh relief with the next set. When is your first u/s? The beta should be over 1000 on saturday, which means you can see a sac by then.

    Spotting – I had it this cycle!

  16. MamaSoon Says:

    Good luck! Things look great so far!

  17. christina(apronstrings) Says:

    it is soooo scary. this is really how *most* ivf pregnancies start out. it is. thinking of you. xoxo

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