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My cervix, placenta and everything in between

August 28, 2008

I am unsure when I will stop worrying every time I go to the doctor’s office. But every time, I have a sudden panic that something will be wrong.

Yet again, I was proved wrong.

At my cervix check, everything looked good and it is standing pat (or closed tight?) at 4. But it’s amazing how now with the dildo cam, you can barely see any of the baby. And a word to the wise, it’s great being the first ultrasound patient of the day at my OBGYN except for the fact that the dildo and goo was the coldest I’ve ever experienced…

Then the tech switched to an ultrasound, just to take measurements and check on my placenta too. While the placenta is still mostly covering my cervix, it has moved in four weeks, which the tech said was great and it should continue to move. Yay!

She also measured my amniotic fluid level, which was good. As well, she measured the baby. I’m 16w2d and it’s measuring at 17 weeks with a heartbeat of 148! She told me not to freak out though, it’s not a crazy huge baby. We’re sitting only in the 67 percentile…

Then she asked us if we wanted to know the sex… I looked to my hubby and we both chimed in yes. And she showed us the little money shot. “There’s the scrotum and there’s the penis…”

Yep, a BOY!

I’ve had dreams and thought from the beginning it was a boy but I had a 50-50 shot, right?!

So we’re thrilled.

She also pointed out the stomach and empty bladder, which apparently recently was emptied..

But I am so so happy and thanking my lucky stars for this. Now if only my double fup would turn into that perfect preggo belly I want!

And I have just another two week wait until my next appointment and then two weeks until another cervix check. But I don’t mind. It means I get to hear or see my babe every two weeks. Love it.


Doctor, doctor

August 18, 2008

I left last week’s doctor’s appointment ridiculously happy. It wasn’t a single, specific thing. Rather, it was the whole of the experience. Or maybe I’m starting to feel a little more confident that this bulging fup will result in a real live baby.

That’s still crazy to think about…

Anyway, here’s the random bulleted (ok, numbered, the bullets didn’t show up stupid wordpress) list of highlights from my appointment:

  1. I’m fat. I’ve gained five pounds since the 10-week checkup. But I’m still one pound lighter than before retrieval. Hmm. My doctor laughed at me and said I’m fine. We are targeting around 20 to 25 pounds of total weight gain. Healthy snacks here I come.
  2. Dr. Abm. at my office is awesome. My clinic comprises five (?) female OBGYN’s and for pregnancy they have women meet with all of them so they have a familiarity with the patient and the patient with the doctor so come delivery time, whomever is on call, you know. But I’ve decided I want her to deliver my baby. This means I will get my regular OBGYN then.
  3. Because I had my LEEP procedure last year, they are having me come in next week (week 16) to check my cervical length and see if I would need a cerclage or anything fun. It also is the return of the vadge cam. Oh how I missed it!
  4. My doctor’s office doesn’t do the anatomy scan until 22 WEEKS! Isn’t that crazy? However, because of the cervix check, we might get a peek at the goods.
  5. I got the numbers back from the first-tri screening and I can’t remember which was for which. But my risks for Trisomies 13 and 18 were 1 in 8,000 and 1 in 14,000. Much better than the odds just based on my age (32), which was 1 in 414.
  6. I got an explanation why I get heartburn when I’m hungry, not after I’ve eaten. It has to do with my stomach producing acid to get ready to consume all those healthy things I’m eating.
  7. The baby’s heartrate was 150 bpm.
  8. My pee was clear. No bladder infection that actually wasn’t (duh) like they thought last time.
  9. I’ve yet to raid the free pregnancy basket at the office. I think I have to look really pregnant to snag the free stuff.
  10. And last, but not least, I CAN GO TO THE DENTIST! I am beyond thrilled. My lump is only getting bigger and I’m becoming more self conscious about it. I will take pictures to gross you out with. But that’s another day…

Otherwise, that’s about it. I’m thankful the sun is finally shining. And just slightly freaked that my little brother heads to college this week. I remember doing that not so long ago…

My gums, my in-laws and 14 weeks…

August 12, 2008

I am 14 weeks as of today.

I find it crazy.

And I am SOOO very ready for my two bellies to merge. Right now, I seem to just have a growing, hard fup. I’d like to actually look pregnant not lumpy fat. I guess that is the joy of being tall and of average build. I also had the joy of trying to avoid’s big woman bra section – you know the one where the bra cups could fit your head and come in a delightful assortment of color choices like beige, black and white…

I’m normally a 36D. So moving up was rather difficult, at least in my head. I got just a temp bra. One to tide me through my growth spurt. It’s only a 38DD. I couldn’t bring myself to get an E cup. Although maybe a DD and E are the same. Whatever. I still am wearing the my old two-clasp bras. The three clasp one is a bit daunting yet.

The other fun part of my pregnancy are my gums. They actually are sore when I floss. But that is not the worst of it. Back in 2005, I noticed a little bump on my gum, just below one of my bottom front teeth. (What are they called?) At first, I thought it was just a piece of food under my gum line irritating it. But it got bigger. A lot bigger.

I went to the dentist and they’d seen nothing like it. Thanks. They cut it out and I nearly cried when I took a look in the mirror. I was so happy to have my smile back. I’m a very toothy smiler and the growth was visible when I gave a big smile and was partially covering my tooth.

The biopsy came back and it was just extra bone growing, for whatever reason, there. Fast forward to 2007, it returned. This time smaller but in the exact same spot. My dentist said the next time it grew, we should try and get it while small so hopefully we could be rid of it.

Of course, it started growing a little while ago. Not that it could have appeared when I wasn’t pregnant. And, obviously, it’s gotten bigger as I’ve been waiting for the magical second trimester mark to appear and for me to potentially have it removed. The first time, they cut it out. The second, they used a laser. And I have an appointment with the OBGYN later this week and one of my questions will be about it’s potential removal. 

I don’t think I can go till February with this stupid growth. It’s not especially painful. But I can tell it’s there. And it’s gross. I won’t bother to horrify you with a photo. But I worry that the doctor won’t want me to have oral surgery. Uggh. I’ll have to perfect my fake smile…

Otherwise, things are pretty good. My in-laws arrived at our house last week for a visit that will last through the month. I can’t complain though, as my father in-law is planning multiple projects around the house. Free labor always is a plus. And we think we need another puppy, our little Scottie, Molly, loves playing with their Scottie, Duncan. But she is a little widget of a thing compared with him. Maybe she’ll get a puppy when I get a baby.

I need numbers

August 4, 2008

First and foremost, I wanted to thank all of you who reassured me about the placentia previa business. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive community and making me not feel like a super big idiot who freaks out about every little thing…

And I promise to get better about commenting. I seem to still be in a fog. I don’t know what I do at work all day. Not a lot of work but oh well…

So I had a message on my phone this morning from my OBGYN. The nurse called to say my early screen was “all normal” and it “looks great.” Umm. Doesn’t she know I need numbers. I really want the odds. Maybe it’s because our whole reason to do IVF with PGD were based on the 50-50 odds of passing OI. Or I have a thing for numbers.

Or I am conditioned to my RE always telling me numbers.

I am thankful everything looks good. I’d just like a number to confirm it.