Doctor, doctor

I left last week’s doctor’s appointment ridiculously happy. It wasn’t a single, specific thing. Rather, it was the whole of the experience. Or maybe I’m starting to feel a little more confident that this bulging fup will result in a real live baby.

That’s still crazy to think about…

Anyway, here’s the random bulleted (ok, numbered, the bullets didn’t show up stupid wordpress) list of highlights from my appointment:

  1. I’m fat. I’ve gained five pounds since the 10-week checkup. But I’m still one pound lighter than before retrieval. Hmm. My doctor laughed at me and said I’m fine. We are targeting around 20 to 25 pounds of total weight gain. Healthy snacks here I come.
  2. Dr. Abm. at my office is awesome. My clinic comprises five (?) female OBGYN’s and for pregnancy they have women meet with all of them so they have a familiarity with the patient and the patient with the doctor so come delivery time, whomever is on call, you know. But I’ve decided I want her to deliver my baby. This means I will get my regular OBGYN then.
  3. Because I had my LEEP procedure last year, they are having me come in next week (week 16) to check my cervical length and see if I would need a cerclage or anything fun. It also is the return of the vadge cam. Oh how I missed it!
  4. My doctor’s office doesn’t do the anatomy scan until 22 WEEKS! Isn’t that crazy? However, because of the cervix check, we might get a peek at the goods.
  5. I got the numbers back from the first-tri screening and I can’t remember which was for which. But my risks for Trisomies 13 and 18 were 1 in 8,000 and 1 in 14,000. Much better than the odds just based on my age (32), which was 1 in 414.
  6. I got an explanation why I get heartburn when I’m hungry, not after I’ve eaten. It has to do with my stomach producing acid to get ready to consume all those healthy things I’m eating.
  7. The baby’s heartrate was 150 bpm.
  8. My pee was clear. No bladder infection that actually wasn’t (duh) like they thought last time.
  9. I’ve yet to raid the free pregnancy basket at the office. I think I have to look really pregnant to snag the free stuff.
  10. And last, but not least, I CAN GO TO THE DENTIST! I am beyond thrilled. My lump is only getting bigger and I’m becoming more self conscious about it. I will take pictures to gross you out with. But that’s another day…

Otherwise, that’s about it. I’m thankful the sun is finally shining. And just slightly freaked that my little brother heads to college this week. I remember doing that not so long ago…


9 Responses to “Doctor, doctor”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Sounds like it was a good appointment. 22 weeks is late for an anatomy scan. I sure hope you get to see him/her at the 16 week appointment. My patience was sure wearing thin by the time the anatomy scan rolled around at 20 weeks.

  2. bleu Says:

    YAY for an awesome visit!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Perfect appointment – all great news!

  4. nancy Says:


    don’t worry about weight. And don’t worry about how much you gain if it goes over 20-25. My doc wanted a 25 gain until I gained 50 and lost it all. Then I gained 50 lbs again with baby #2. He says some bodies just need more.

  5. HeidiM Says:

    Sounds like baby’s healthy and that’s what matters most! And I say go for the freebies, gotta take them where you can these days! =)

  6. Carrie Says:

    Sounds like a great appointment! I’m glad you found a doctor that you like and can stay with that one particular doc.

    I hope you don’t have to wait the full 22 weeks to see the baby. Don’t they know that we want to see them no later then 20 weeks?!

  7. docgrumbles Says:

    and here I was griping that I don’t get the anatomy scan until 20 weeks! you definitely have it worse! I just keep reminding myself that as long as I am still pregnant as far as I know I should be grateful!

    Hope your pregnancy does indeed lead to one of those… what are they called again? Oh yeah, babies.

  8. sara Says:

    Best of luck to you little brother and congrats on a great appointment!!! I am keeping everything crossed for a stellar cervix check and a cervix of steel for you šŸ™‚ You’re right though – they may be able to sneak a peak at the goods for you at that appointment before the 22 wk one. Just smile at the tech flash her your biggest grin? Maybe slip her some chocolate? Hmmm – lets start thinking…

  9. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    YAY for a great appointment and clearance to go to the dentist! I am so excited for you!!! HUGS! šŸ™‚

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