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Half-baked and belly photos

September 23, 2008

I thought I should give a little update, as today marks week 20 of this pregnancy. I can’t believe it’s half over and that I have to wait another 20 more weeks. But I am trying my best to be patient.

Today I had just my cervical check. And that is all it was.

My last cervix check was the dildo cam and then an extensive belly scan. Apparently, according to the u/s tech today, that wasn’t supposed to happen. There was no order for an u/s. However, two weeks prior at the monthly, regular, boring OBGYN exam the doctor mentioned we might get a look at the goods – hence why my hubby tagged along.

Anyway, so today’s u/s was another look at my cervix and placenta. The placenta is still covering my cervix, although only partially. She said they don’t expect major movement of the placenta until 28 weeks. (And both her and my doc asked about spotting, haven’t had a lick with this placenta issue but I am to continue to watch for it…) 

As for my cervix, “resting” it is measuring 4.3, when I put pressure (yes, I had to bear down) it’s at 4. All of this is good news.

The tech then asked if I wanted a quick profile picture. Um, duh.

So I ended up getting a belly scan, although, my child decided he didn’t want his picture taken and was being most uncooperative by arching his head back. I’m demonstrating at home right now, it’s really quite demonstrative and I’m sorry you can’t see it…

I also got to hear the heartbeat.

But I was out of there in literally 10 minutes. Boo hiss.

So I just have to wait for the “big” scan at 22 weeks. My doctor mentioned that we can wait until what those scan results reveal when I need to book another cervix check.

Otherwise, that’s all. I’m still rocking the double fup. It is quite annoying and I’d really like to look properly pregnant not lumpy. But I can’t do anything about that, so I’m trying to convince myself I look sexy pregnant and not stupidly fat.

So, without further ado…

A picture of me at 14 weeks. For reference sake… Notice the fuppage. It only gets bigger. And the stretch marks, sadly, came from me and getting tall, not from pregnancy!

Now, look at me at 20 weeks. And no, you don’t get the skin show… (Do you see the divot in my belly, where my belly button is? My ute/baby has yet to breach that threshold of evening it all out. So I’m looking lumpy pregnant. It’s sexy saucy.)


Twelve pounds and 19 weeks

September 18, 2008

It’s been forever and a day since I posted. I’m not sure why exactly but I’m here now and that’s all that counts, right?


Actually, last week was an interesting week for me. It marked one year since we added Molly the puppy to our family and one year since I got my first beta from my first try at IVF and the beta hell rollercoaster that finally ended a month later with the methotrexate shot for the ectopic two days after my birthday.

Needless to say, I am anxious for early October to come and go quickly.

As for me, I am 19w2d along. That seems just crazy to me. I’m thrilled. But still waiting for the definitive wiggles and kicks. I can’t tell exactly what is going on in there. I mean, I think I’ve felt him move but I don’t want to say for certain. And, despite my gaining of 12 pounds into this pregnancy so far, I am still rocking the double fup.

I did take pictures but my self belly portraits look awful. I’ll try and get my hubby to take some this weekend so all you who enjoy the circus-freak-factor of my belly as compared to the perfectly round one can laugh and laugh at it.

My 18 week appointment last week was good. Baby’s heartrate at 156. But next week I get a peek at him again during my cervix/placenta check and then at 22 weeks with the big anatomy scan. Yay.

And they did the AFP testing last week, which thankfully was normal. But stupid me forgot to ask if they also ran the triple or quad screen with this. Hmm. I guess I can find out at the next appointment.

I find I am becoming stupider as this pregnancy progresses. And I have NO attention span at work and no motivation to work. Also, I am becoming klutzy. Now, I like to think my 10 years of ballet gave me a little grace. But I am finding out I am losing what grace I had quickly.

Just ask my “ring” toe. You know, the one next to my pinky toe that I either broke or sprained last week kicking my laundry down the stairs. Don’t ask. I’m an idiot. But it’s a lovely shade of redish purple. And, no. I didn’t go to the doctor. My resident broken bone expert said they won’t do much for me but tape it. And I can wiggle and walk on it just fine, without pain so I think I am in the clear.

But, still, I am a giant klutzy idiot.

Although, it’s a symptom I’m so willing to endure. I just have to invest in low-heeled boots this winter. I don’t need to be perpetually falling on my ass.

Thank God for this woman…

September 3, 2008

In my obessive, compulsive quest to find a pregnant woman’s belly on the Internet that looked mine. I found this woman. This wonderful, beautifully pregnant woman, who has a belly like mine.

And was far braver than I to show it off.

So yes, this is the double fup of which I speak. I am anxiously awaiting my entry into the world of the D-shaped bellies. Not the B bellies.

I am only 17 weeks, so I do have a long way to go. But I get so anxious about everything. Including my latest obsession of trying to feel the baby move. I am really, really hoping that February hurries up. And I relax.

And what a subject for my 200th post. Hee.