Thank God for this woman…

In my obessive, compulsive quest to find a pregnant woman’s belly on the Internet that looked mine. I found this woman. This wonderful, beautifully pregnant woman, who has a belly like mine.

And was far braver than I to show it off.

So yes, this is the double fup of which I speak. I am anxiously awaiting my entry into the world of the D-shaped bellies. Not the B bellies.

I am only 17 weeks, so I do have a long way to go. But I get so anxious about everything. Including my latest obsession of trying to feel the baby move. I am really, really hoping that February hurries up. And I relax.

And what a subject for my 200th post. Hee.


16 Responses to “Thank God for this woman…”

  1. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    Aaahh, the double FUP. I know it well. I promise that any day now it will disappear! Hang in there–February will be here before you know it! 🙂 HUGS!

  2. Julie Says:

    You make me giggle! I know what you mean about the D belly – and trust me, it won’t be long until you have one. The next step will be that you won’t be able to see your feet. Then before you know it, it will be February and you’ll have a WHOLE new type of belly! LOL

  3. Jennifer Says:

    The D shaped belly will happen for you hon. I definitely had a B shaped one for a while. Thank god for the miracle of clothing! The movement obsession is definitely a ton of fun also. I must have spent weeks wondering whether every little twitch was movement, and then finally it happened about 19 weeks. It really is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, and I can’t wait for you to reach that milestone.

  4. Caba Says:

    Ha! I had the B belly too! Don’t worry, it will turn into a D! I remember dying to feel the babies moving … And I was pretty late, as far as compared to a lot of other people … It was like 22 weeks or before I felt movement … so you’ll feel the baby soon! I’m so excited for you!

  5. Denise Says:

    It almost looks like she has a really deep innie belly button!

    I hope your fup resolves soon. And you’ll feel that little guy move soon! I drove myself crazy analyzing each little twitch and pull from 17 weeks on, but it wasn’t until the past week where I knew for sure that I was feeling movement.

  6. Cori Says:

    Ahhh looks like mine~

  7. Carrie Says:

    You need to post YOUR belly. I have shared many belly pics, even nice full on road map looking belly pics….so I know you can do it!

  8. Lizzie Says:

    You’ll get there, really you will! So exciting for you. My niece just had a baby (she’s 38) after years of trying and this even after getting married pretty late in life. I can’t say she loved the end weeks, but she is so thrilled with her baby boy. And so are we all. Isn’t it funny how life turns out sometimes? I wish you nothing but happiness. A friend of my niece’s is going through some serious infertility issues of her own, and she recently read a book that helped: Tiny Toes. Way great read about a couple’s struggles with infertility, then premature birth of twins, marital difficulties as a result of the first two, even depression. And through it all, strength and grace.

  9. docgrumbles Says:

    Obsessing over feeling movement can be so maddening! I think I finally got some (at 21 weeks) and I just hope it gets stronger and more frequent!

    I too would love to see your B-shaped belly!

  10. Somewhat Ordinary Says:

    It WILL go away and you will be round eventually!

  11. sara Says:

    I had the B shape for quite awhile it seemed like – but I would love to see your belly sometime if you feel like sharing. If not, at least you got us a good look alike – that was very creative and very cool! I’m sure yours looks very good…but thanks for showing us a twin, LOL!

  12. sara Says:

    Oh yeah – happy 200th post!

  13. pj Says:

    Happy 200!!!

    And wow! It seems not so long ago that you were blogging about your IVF cycle!

  14. christina (apronstrings) Says:

    i hope you feel little one soon. i didn’t until 20 weeks or so. but i wasn’t really paying attention–i worked a lot around then. i am still so excited for you.

  15. HeidiM Says:

    Good idea to google for pics. All pregnant bellies are perfect in my opinion! They are baby houses and as long as baby is comfy that’s what matters. Mine just looks like I’ve had a few too many beers now. 😉

  16. doublej1987 Says:

    Is she pregnant with boy or girl?

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