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The crib…

October 30, 2008

It’s getting a little more real this whole bringing home a baby thing.

So real, we actually bought a crib.

Crazy, I know. Even more crazy to think 15 weeks left in this pregnancy…

Anyway, so armed with my 20-percent-off-a-single-item coupons, off we went.

We ended up not buying the Re.por.ts best value crib I thought we’d end up with, as they didn’t have one there and, frankly, I want to touch and shake for sturdiness the crib my child will be sleeping in. So we went with the one we previously had liked, before we got serious about looking. It’s pictured (in a super crappy picture) below.

And much to my grandmother’s dismay, we did buy the black one. She doesn’t understand why we like black and then she was worried about teething rails and the paint being made of lead from China…

We also bought a little mattress. And thanks to birthday gift cards, our grand total was $61. Yay! So in seven to 14 days our crib will arrive. Crazy.

While we were there, we also decided to register. I swear it was the blind leading the blind. (Sorry for the unpcness of that) I have to look into what bottles to buy, the pacifiers we should get, which monitor is the best. I just can’t look at it all off-hand and know what to get! Wedding registry, easy. This, not so much.

And I am totally confused by their little registry guide. What the heck is the difference between a waterproof crib pad and mattress pad? We registered for two waterproof mattress pads but do I need something else under the sheets?

I know, such dilemmas right?

Otherwise, things are good. I think I’m getting ginormous. Baby’s wiggling a bunch. I still worry about the what ifs, but overall this is starting to seem more real. And I know, I owe you all a photo of my belly, which is still not perfectly round. Oh well…

And a little little sister update. She passed the GED and got a full-time job at Sears. Sears? One of her friends works there or something. It’s so not the hip place my sister would work. But 40 hours a week. We’ll see how she enjoys that. She also (finally) got her drivers license and my mother insured her on her Mercedes. Nice. So she drives that while my mom borrows a car from my grandparents… 

And supposedly my mom is going to move into her friend’s condo. I guess two weeks living at my grandparents was enough. I’m still guessing my brother will want to stay at my house when he comes home from college over Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s ok though. We love him. Keep him away from crazy. And we have Wii, food and three computers in the house, what else does an 18-year-old need?


Drop out

October 22, 2008

I am beyond words.

Yesterday, my mom and youngest sis found out that you actually can’t get your GED without officially dropping out of school.

So today she dropped out of school.


I get you can’t physically force a kid to go to every class but seriously? I am at a loss. There is a stigma, right or not, attached with a GED. She can’t go to CU like she said she wanted. I’m actually on the verge of tears at work thinking about this. I don’t get it. I don’t understand.

If this is my mom’s thinking it’ll be tough love, she’s mistaken. She’s spoiled my youngest siblings rotten. They’ve never had to do anything, chores, pay for stuff, laundry, anything. But my mom blames MTV for it. Yes. It’s all My Super Sweet Sixteen’s fault.


October 21, 2008

Sorry for being a horribly infrequent blogger and commenter as of late.

I am sooo very happy though to report today is 24 weeks. 24 WEEKS. Amazing. Everytime he wiggles, kicks or whatevers in there, it’s so unbelievably amazing. Wonderful.

I have two more weeks till my next appointment, which will be lots of fun featuring the gestational diabetes test, a cervix check and a pap, just to make sure I continue to be normal. Woo hoo.

And I’m even thinking about my registry now. And actually painting the nursery. Nursery. I can’t even believe I said that word.

I will try and post more (and photos) later this week.

For now, my 30-year-old sister and I are in shock at my mother, who four days after moving back from Minnesota (and that is a whole other story), is taking my 17-year-old sister to get her GED today.


Apparently, A. thinks school is dumb. And working at the mall will be better. And she will make enough at the mall to get her own apartment and car, and support herself. She is so wise. I’m the dumb one.

I want to smack my mom. I know school isn’t for everyone, I just think this path is a hard one. And especially for a headstrong 17-year-old  with a mother who doesn’t want to be a mother anymore to make this decision… I just am speechless.

I just wonder, what if she doesn’t pass. Then what?

Wiggly boy, huge mama

October 9, 2008

I had my super big anatomy ultrasound this morning.

And everything looks great with the little one.

Right before 20 weeks, I started feeling movements. And not wonderful butterflies or flutters. But thunks, thoinks, these undescribable movements. This morning, it was so surreal to watch him move on the screen and feel the kicking/thunking/whatevering at the same time.

But everything with him looks good (I will post pictures later, as my hubby snatched them to show off at work and I totally spaced asking for a DVD of it. Duh!). He is measuring ahead still, around four days, has all his fingers and toes, two kidneys, a nice looking brain, is still a boy, etc.

And he weighs 1 pound, 2 ounces! How crazy is that!?

So the tech went on my placenta and cervix – abdominally, with a partially full bladder. My cervix looked fine and my placenta looked completely out of the way!

Switch to transvaginal (and an empty bladder, I had to pee BAD) and the placenta is still covering. Boo. But it’s now a marginally posterior placenta previa. And my cervix length hasn’t changed.

I then waited to talk to my doctor. Everything looked fine except I had a little sugar in my urine. She said it could be from what I ate for breakfast. Oh, you mean that bowl of Golden Grahams?

She also measured my belly – the first time I’ve ever had that done. Yeah, I’m huge. I have a 26-week belly. But she said I could just always be this way when pregnant and the important thing is that the amniotic fluid is great and the baby is measuring on track.

I hated the number on the scale though. I’ve gained 18 pounds. All in my belly, apparently.

I will have to take some new belly photos to see the progression. And, yes, the double fup lives on.

Thirty-three candles…

October 3, 2008

Jake Ryan.


I wish he was my birthday present. Too bad he’s actually my mom’s age, or close to it, probably not as hot as he was in his flannel, jeans and boot look back in the day with Molly Ringwald and I love my hubby dearly. Oh well.

Nothing yet planned for the day.

Just deadline.


But really, the best present is in my tummy.

And I’m trying to focus on that.