Wiggly boy, huge mama

I had my super big anatomy ultrasound this morning.

And everything looks great with the little one.

Right before 20 weeks, I started feeling movements. And not wonderful butterflies or flutters. But thunks, thoinks, these undescribable movements. This morning, it was so surreal to watch him move on the screen and feel the kicking/thunking/whatevering at the same time.

But everything with him looks good (I will post pictures later, as my hubby snatched them to show off at work and I totally spaced asking for a DVD of it. Duh!). He is measuring ahead still, around four days, has all his fingers and toes, two kidneys, a nice looking brain, is still a boy, etc.

And he weighs 1 pound, 2 ounces! How crazy is that!?

So the tech went on my placenta and cervix – abdominally, with a partially full bladder. My cervix looked fine and my placenta looked completely out of the way!

Switch to transvaginal (and an empty bladder, I had to pee BAD) and the placenta is still covering. Boo. But it’s now a marginally posterior placenta previa. And my cervix length hasn’t changed.

I then waited to talk to my doctor. Everything looked fine except I had a little sugar in my urine. She said it could be from what I ate for breakfast. Oh, you mean that bowl of Golden Grahams?

She also measured my belly – the first time I’ve ever had that done. Yeah, I’m huge. I have a 26-week belly. But she said I could just always be this way when pregnant and the important thing is that the amniotic fluid is great and the baby is measuring on track.

I hated the number on the scale though. I’ve gained 18 pounds. All in my belly, apparently.

I will have to take some new belly photos to see the progression. And, yes, the double fup lives on.


14 Responses to “Wiggly boy, huge mama”

  1. bleu Says:

    YAY YAY YAY congrats!!!

  2. Serenity Says:

    YAY! Congrats, I’m so happy to hear this.

    And seriously? Don’t stress about the weight gain. It WILL come off…

    *hugs you in glee!*

  3. somewhat ordinary Says:

    Yay for wiggly little boys!! Hold on tight ’cause they only get more wiggly with age!! Don’t worry about the scale too much-when it was all over I pretty much put on a pound a week and I’m back to pre-pregnancy weight.

  4. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    Yay for a great appointment!!! 🙂 The FUP will combine any day now.

  5. Kymberli Says:

    Fantastic update! 🙂 I hope that the placenta moves up and completely out of the way! I can’t wait to see the new belly pics!

  6. HeidiM Says:

    Glad to hear everything is good! I didn’t know you could request a DVD of an ultrasound, that would be great to have.

  7. maryanne Says:

    What wonderful news on today’s appointment! So happy for you guys!

  8. HeidiM Says:

    oh and Happy Belated Birthday!!

  9. Katrina Says:

    Yay for healthy little boy and momma!

  10. Denise Says:

    Isn’t the movement just bizarre? It still seems like there are aliens in my belly!

    Glad everything looks good. Maybe the view of the placenta/cervix abdominally is a sign that things are starting to move out of the way.

  11. sara Says:

    Yes the little boy is wiggling all around! I’m so glad that everything is measuring right on track, and that the cervix is good, and I’m telling your little boy to help kick and move that placenta some more out of the way for you! Golden Grahams are yummy, had some the other day. Very good choice you had! For some reason I’ve had fruity pebbles a couple of times recently too – I think I may have reverted to being a 7 year old again, whatcha think? Again – I’m so glad you had a great scan and are feeling movements now 🙂

  12. apronstrings(christina) Says:

    your pregnancy will go by so much faster after this. until 39 weeks when it slows to a crawl. i’m serious. get hopping. now. i am so happy to have to give you this warning **sigh**

  13. docgrumbles Says:

    don’t sweat the weight gain. we’ll blow up together.

    Congrats on a good u/s!

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