Three-hour test here I come…

So I failed.

My doctor’s cutoff is 135. I was at 155. Great.

I’ll post more about yesterday’s exam later. When I regain my happiness. Everything else looks good. I’m just a failure. Uggh.


13 Responses to “Three-hour test here I come…”

  1. JJ Says:

    Uggg, oh Im sorry–Im getting more and more anxious about mine. Your number is so close (in my mind) that Im very hopeful that the 3 hour test will have you passing with flying colors. Did they tell you to do anything food wise in the meantime?

  2. Meg Says:

    Sorry chica. Hopefully the 3 hour will go much better… has been the pattern in the crew lately!

  3. Amy Says:

    So sorry to hear. I have to have mine at 16 weeks b/c of my BMI pre-pregnancy. So in 2 weeks, I’ll be watching everything that I eat and praying I pass…

  4. Denise Says:

    Uggh. I’m sorry you have to do the 3 hour. I can’t remember my exact number from the 1 hour, but I think it was similar and I passed the 3 hour with flying colors. I felt like a failure after the 1 hour too. I hated getting that phone call with bad news. Hopefully it will just be a blip on the radar screen.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve heard that most people who fail the 1-hour actually pass the 3-hour…so good luck to you…I hope your within the majority!!!

  6. pj Says:

    I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE it’s like Denise’s experience, and you pass the next round with flying colors!

  7. bleu Says:

    Ugg I was just there hun, so sorry. I did pass the 3 hour though so good luck!!

  8. Cori Says:

    YOu and I both are failures! I failed the 1 hour test at 8 weeks, cut off is 140, mine 153. I did the 3 hour test at 12 weeks and passed. Did the 1 hour again at 28 weeks and failed with 143. Have to do the 3 hour test Thursday next week. Sigh. Lets hope it was just a fluke and you will pass the 3 hour test with flying colors. Keep your chin up.

  9. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    UGH. I’m so sorry. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the 3 hour is a breeze and that you pass with flying colors! ((HUGS))

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Crap. I’m keeping everything crossed that the 3 hour goes better. I know a lot of people fail the 1 hour only to pass the 3 hour no problem.

  11. Denise Says:

    I’ve now met all 6 docs. My least favorite is Dr. Sn, although Dr. Wa is a close second. My favorite is still Dr. Aba, but Dr. Ash and Dr. Bub are right up there. I like Dr. Abm too, but it took me awhile to get used to her (a whole weekend). So I’m really comfortable with 4 of the 6 now.

  12. Duffy Says:

    I echo everyone else here….I know everyone I know of who failed the 1 hr went on to pass the 3 hr. But I do know the 3 hr can be a bit brutal. I am hoping you follow the trend and wishing you luck for the 3 hr test!!!

  13. Nancy Says:

    I hope to get my results by a peek in my chart at tomorrow’s u/s. Remember I just skipped the one hour and went right to 3 hour since I always fail the one hour!

    You’ll get through it. 3 hour test sucks, but it’ll be over and done with.

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