30 Weeks

Yesterday I hit the 30-week milestone. I still can’t quite believe it. All this time I’ve been counting the weeks upward and now it’s a countdown.

Mind you, I have yet to buy a diaper, set up a crib or anything like that. But I am happy with my little wiggly worm. Even though, I have a nice new set of stretch marks across my belly. C’est la vie. I knew it would happen, however. I’ve got them from puberty, so not from pregnancy would have been a major surprise.

Otherwise, things are mellow at the house now. The in-laws left on Monday to spend Christmas with my sister in law and niece. Only the seventh Christmas spent with her in the nine years that my hubby has lived here. But I’m not bitter. Ok, I lie. I’m in a funky yuck mood.

My random tangent rant. I think I need more female friends. I’ve got a number in Texas and here. But looking at my RSVP list for my baby shower is quite sad. Neither of my aunts are coming. Nice. My cousin has a cheerleading competition and the other has a party at 6 that night. My MIL and SIL aren’t coming. My stepsister isn’t, but she doesn’t like my sister and I, so it’s not a surprise. It’s just sucky. And my Colorado Blogger girls, please don’t be offended I didn’t invite you guys. I know you but not really in a social, outside the world of IVF, etc. world. If that makes any sense. And I didn’t want to seem like a present-grubbing kind of girl and to invite you, just because. Or to force you to endure an afternoon with my family that does show up. So I hope I didn’t offend you gals.

But seriously, that’s what I feel like. A present whore. I look at my registry and get sad at all the stuff there is to buy. Maybe it’s the hubby being temporarily unemployed, and thinking of what we have to buy. Or the fact that no one on either side has ever offered to help with IVF bills, etc. I am just overwhelmed. It doesn’t help too that work is miserable, thank you Mr. Recession, and I really want February to speed up and arrive. 

What a bitch fest about seriously inconsequential stuff huh?

I do have my latest appointment coming up tomorrow. But that is a boring one, no ultrasound. Boo. I am fearful I won’t get actually another one for the duration of the pregnancy. That’s crazy. Next week, childbirth class. And I’m trying not to think about the pooping while pushing thing Nancy has made me scared of…

I will try and update tomorrow with news from the appointment, a belly shot and a happier Jen. The one you all know. And maybe love.


12 Responses to “30 Weeks”

  1. She Likes Purple Says:

    I understand your funky mood. I’ve thrown numerous showers for many friends, and people can’t make the time to come to showers. One friend actually said, “she’d be too tired from wedding dress shopping that night.” Not busy, you see, just too tired. It sucks, but I’m trying not to cling to it. Obsessively looking at my registry doesn’t help either. So much to get, so little money.

  2. JJ Says:

    Holy Cow…30 weeks. Where has the time gone–so glad your wiggly worm is letting you know hes doing well!

    Dontcha stress about your funky mood–I have very few girlfriends around here too, and it makes me sad…not sure if I will even have a shower. Ill come to yours, you come to mine=) The money issues suck for sure…

    Hope the appt goes well tomorrow! Yes, post pictures please!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    30 weeks! When did that happen??? Don’t worry about the registry being long. Everybody’s is. So no need to feel greedy or anything. Babies seem to come with a bunch of stuff these days.

    I totally worried about the pooping too. But then I ended up having a c section, which is something I hadn’t worried about in advance at all. Go figure!

  4. Road Blocks and Roller Coasters Says:

    WOW! I can’t believe you’re 30 weeks already. That’s just crazy.

    Don’t worry about pooping. I can almost guarantee that in that moment, when you’re there and you’re pushing and you’re focused on getting that baby out the last thing on your mind will be poop. There are so many horrifying things that are going on down there during delivery that poop is just a small part of it. And the bright side is that even if you do you probably won’t be able to see it anyway. 🙂

  5. Julie Says:

    Congrats on 30 weeks! The countdown is definitely on 🙂

    I literally lol when I read about the pooping thing. I was SO worried about that – I talked about it so much with DH that he finally just told me to zip it and not worry about it. If it happened, it happened. Thankfully it didn’t happen with either one of my deliveries and quite honestly, you’re not even thinking about the poop factor when you’re busy pushing. BUT you do have to push like you’re having a good poop…and before the baby arrives, it FEELS like you have to poop! So confusing! lol

  6. Meg Says:

    I can only imagine how overwhelming all of the baby stuff is. But think about it, will they really know if you do not have it all by day one….? Get what you absolutely need like clothes and diapers. The rest will slowly be possible.

    Hope your appointment goes well!

  7. HeidiM Says:

    I’m in a similar boat as far as hubby being out of work. I’ve found lots of great deals using Craig’s List. It requires driving all over town for those deals, but it’s great to get top quality, gently used stuff for less than half the price. Although….maybe I shouldn’t encourage you because I’ll have more competition for the good stuff. 😉

  8. Fallopian 'Tudes Says:

    De-lurking to say “I hear ya”. I had ONE friend RSVP to my own wedding. Granted it was in Texas and far far away so I didn’t expect many people to be able to show up – but they didn’t even RSVP. No one even RSVP’d to tell me they couldn’t make it. It’s like they didn’t want to make that awkward gesture of declining the RSVP so they just… did nothing. I found myself the last couple weeks of my wedding scrambling to get in touch with everyone back home in Canada to find out if they were coming or not!

  9. somewhat ordinary Says:

    Wow, 30 weeks. Only 10 more to go!!

    I use to check my registry like crazy and was getting nervous before the shower about what hadn’t been bought. A lot of people waited until the last day or two. It ended up fine and I got a lot of great stuff that I wouldn’t have registered for like embroidered bags, stuffed animals etc. On the other end of the specturm I had a number of people that RSVP’d they would be there and then didn’t show up. That was crappy!

    Ah, pooping…I thought about this a lot! I figured that would be the most mortifing thing. When it came down to it I could have cared less. After it was over I told my husband I was so glad I didn’t poop and he was like “hell yeah you did!” I didn’t realize I had so I guess I can’t be embarrassed by it, huh? And, ya know after 24 hours in labor and over 2 hours pushing if they told me pooping was the only way to get his big head out I would have gladly done it on command a hundred times over!

  10. Penny Says:

    Chiming in really late. There is a ton of stuff you can get cheap or even free from local mom’s lists. Stapleton Moms is one (yahoo), for instance, if you live nearby. Moms are always giving away or selling things.

    I understand the lonliness, however. My shower was surprisingly populated, but at other times I’ve felt distinctly alone.

  11. nancy Says:

    you didn’t even invite me 😦

  12. nancy Says:

    You didn’t upset me! That was just me being funny. But now that I look at it and just see a sad face, I don’t see how you’d really know I was kidding. I’m sorry!

    And for the record – I’d totally of come if invited, but I understand why you didn’t invite me (not that I was up for an invite, but i live far.)

    Yes – next tuesday! whatcha here for? Wanna do breakfast or lunch or whatever?

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