Nothing yet

Yeah, so I’m still here and still pregnant.

I think though I’ve no idea what a contraction feels like. Because, frankly, I figure I have to have had at least one contraction to be dilated to where I am. Oh well. I guess I should be thankful to not be in major pain or anything.

But my hubs and I were absolutely CONVINCED it would happen yesterday during the game, as he’s a huge Steelers fan. I am so glad though we weren’t in the hospital. He was such a Potty Mouth McGee during it. But we’re happy they won.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I know, they moved my appointment from this morning to the afternoon for some surgery. Geez. The nerve. 🙂 So I just have to wait to see what’s happening.

I’m excited. And I think as ready as I can be, which really means probably not at all.


10 Responses to “Nothing yet”

  1. Miss Tori Says:

    Can’t wait to hear your birth story! I’m hoping that you have an easy eviction party.

  2. pj Says:

    Yay! I’m excited too!

  3. Denise Says:

    How did your appointment go?

  4. docgrumbles Says:

    I didn’t have a single contraction until the day I delivered.

    Good luck!

  5. Brianne Says:

    Hang in there! Luckily like you said, the contractions are not at all painful. I found really cute Steelers baby outfits (cheerleader for girl, jerseys or warm ups for boys) at Target this year- they are from NB size to 5t. Living in “Steeler’s Country” it was an obligation to dress up the little ones in them for the superbowl.

  6. Nancy Says:

    Many women dilate a few cms without ever feeling the contractions that did it. But then again, you don’t really have to have a contraction for it to dilate initially. I do hope that you get the pleasure of having a painless birth experience though! How cool would that be?

  7. somewhat ordinary Says:

    I didn’t have any contractions until they were coming about 3-4 minutes apart. You’ll know when you’re having them. Hope things went well at the appointment yesterday!

  8. sara Says:

    I hope that the time comes soon for you and you made me giggle with saying you were sure it was going to be during the game. So did my cousin who is and is still pregnant. ((hugs))

  9. Meg Says:

    Cannot wait to hear how this turns out! I bet a big baby boy is the finishing act….good luck!!

  10. singletracey Says:

    It is the 5th and you have been on my mind since my morning coffee… Thinking of you today and can’t wait to hear all about the day you met your son!

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