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Where did half a year go?

August 13, 2009

I don’t think you want to read another, albeit infrequent, post about how I am such a bad blogger.
But I think I discovered that just like all my diaries I wrote in during my youth, I write more when I have angst, worry, etc. Not when I am happy. It is that cathartic writing thing. And it’s not like I don’t still worry about money or my husband’s job security. But underlying it all, I am happy. Every time I see my little man, such a sense of contentment comes over me. And he is at such a wonderfully, squishy age of 6 months. I just want time to stand still, or not move quite so fast.
As for O, he is over 20 pounds now. I know. He’s huge. Next week is his 6-month appointment, so I’ll know the specifics then. But he is adorable. And his hair only seems to be looking more red like mama’s everyday.
He is a chatty little boy, talking at everything. Currently, he is saying da da da. Not specifically in reference to Daddy. But I correct him and tell him to say ma ma ma. He is enthralled by Molly. He loves her. She likes to lick his face but runs away when he grabs her (and usually a handful of her hair).
And I am so afraid that crawling is coming soon. He can sit up on his own with the occasional falling forward onto our face or the listing backward or to one side. He loves sitting like a big boy but he also is all about scootching on the floor. Going backward, of course, and in a circle. He hasn’t quite got the concept of getting up on his knees and rocking back and forth to propel himself forward but it’s coming. His most favorite thing is being able to stand and bounce in the exersaucer or be free in the Baby Bjorn, kicking his legs. Although, my monkey is getting too heavy for that. 😦
Anyway, all is well here. I am happy. He is healthy. What more can I ask for?
I will try to update more frequently, if any of you out there care. Or just ask and I’ll add you on facebook, I update there more frequently. And twitter? I don’t really get it but I’m there too.
Love to all.