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My Shower How To

May 21, 2007

Rule No. 1 in Jen’s guide to the how to host a fabulous baby shower when you yourself aren’t pregnant but desperately want to be – self medicate with a mix of Dayquil and fruity wine coolers.

I wasn’t planning on going the self-medication route yesterday. It wasn’t the fact that I would be sharing our patio with 15 other women three of whom are due to give birth by July 11.

Rather, it was my runny, nose, 101-degree fever, chills, sneezing, etc., this weekend that prompted my consumption of several adult beverages while on a six-hour regimen of Dayquil.

And it worked.

I didn’t once feel pity for myself. I didn’t worry if someone was going to ask our baby plans.

Instead, all I felt was joy for my best friend. I forgot, even if it was only three hours, about my single-minded, me-getting-knocked-up focus and just shared in the happiness the shower brought about.

I oohed and ahhed from a distance (so as not to get anyone sick) at all the cute girly outfits, hats, blankets she received. I acted as party photographer. I really did have a good time.

Maybe I’m not as evil as person as I thought I was.

Or maybe, I am just really learning to accept that life isn’t fair and what I want doesn’t always happen for me when I want it to. That doesn’t mean I am going to start my own The Secret cult or anything, just that I can act like the supposed adult I am from time to time.

Or again, maybe it was my Dayquil cocktail.

So below are some photos from the event. Sorry, I am not any deeper right now, the switch the Benadryl has me a bit foggy still…

Our centerpieces – Ducky vases filled with peonies along with the favors, mini terra cotta pots filled with M&Ms topped with tissue paper dahlias…

A horrible picture of the cupcakes with either pink sprinkles or babies with mohawks on them.

I got lots of compliments on the little naked mohawk babies sprinkled on the counter top in the bathroom…

I also had a beautiful peony arrangement in the bathroom provided by my sister, the florist.
To round out the ducky theme, these adorable ducky cookies.

*And just so you know, I purchased all the food Friday for the party but due to me being sick, I had my little sister bake all the cupcakes and prepare all the food. My husband then cleaned the house for me while I sat around in a drug-induced haze blowing my nose. Without them, I know I couldn’t have done this.


The calm before the baby shower

May 18, 2007

Suddenly, Sunday has creeped up on me.

I think with all my spazing about my various doctor appointments to making tissue paper flower favors a la Martha Stewart to doing every imaginable home improvement project, I haven’t really thought about Sunday.

I mean, I have thought about all the logistics about the baby shower. Getting the food, the decor, buying 20 onesies so we can decorate them (my BFF, a preschool teacher, thinks we need “structure” to the shower as, apparently, eating, drinking and opening presents isn’t enough), etc.

But what this actually means, how this will change our relationship whether we want it to or not, I am only now fully thinking about.

I should be working on deadline right now. Instead, here I am typing. Thinking of how sad, happy and jealous I am of my BFF. Furthermore, I will have three pregnant women at my house for this shower. Hence, why I am hitting the liquor store tomorrow so I can have a bevy of flavored malt liquors and such to consume…

But really, I just wish I knew how to overcome these feelings. I am soo very happy for her. On the other hand, I am so jealous and so envious. And I think I am going to be this way till I have a baby of my own. And that is sooo terribly selfish and awful of me.

I just don’t know how to feel.

Maybe it is why I am trying so hard with this shower. To convince myself that I am totally happy and okay with the paths our lives have taken – one with no resistance and then, mine. I’m not. But I can pretend. Or learn to be okay.

Wish me luck.

I will have updates Monday on the shower. Hopefully with photos of my craziness decor and the like. Have a great weekend. Thanks for listening to my bitching, moaning and worrying. I do appreciate it!